“49th Yuhi-no-taki Opening Ceremony” is scheduled to be held on July 5!


Yuhi-no-taki, which literally stands for the waterfall of sunset, is known as the place where Kintaro, one of Japanese folk hero, was given his first bath as a newborn baby. We are going to have a ceremony that tells the arrival of summer and formally opens the waterfall for this year, featuring various different events. Why don’t you enjoy the summer day with your family around the natural waterfall?

Starts at 11:00 on Sunday, July 5, 2015

11:00 Prayers for campers & hikers’ safety said by mountain priest
12:00 Ashigara Sasara-odori (historical dance of the region)
12:35 Tanzawa Alphorn
12:55 Hula Dance (performed by workers from Ashigara city Society of Commerce and Industry)
13:15 Ashigaradai Junior High School Brass Band
13:50 Ashigara-bayashi (traditional music)
14:20 Fish catching with bare hands (for elementary school children and younger)

[Public Transportation]
Get off at Daiyuzan station on Izu-Hakone Railway Daiyuzan Line, and then take Hakone-tozan Bus bound for Jizodo and get off at Jizodo. It is about 15-min walk from there.

From the exit of Ooi-Matsuda IC on Tokyo-Nagoya Expressway, go on to Minami-Ashigara direction for about 4.5 kilometers. Turn to the right at “Ryufukuji” intersection, and go forward for about 7 kilometers. Turn to the left at Jizodo guiding sign, and go forward for about 500 meters.

Note: There are a limited number of parking spaces. It is recommended to use public transportations.

Yuhi-no-taki (kokosil Minamiashigara):https://minamiashigara.kokosil.net/en/place/00001c000000000000020000002e00c9

For more information (Japanese website) : http://www.city.minamiashigara.kanagawa.jp/newsTopics/yuuhino_takibiraki.html