Ashiren Offers the Premium Gift Certificate!


Get the premium gift certificate that is worth 120% of value!
Ashiren, short for Ashigara Kamichiku Shokokai Renraku Kyogikai that stands for Ashigara Kamichiku-region Commercial and Industrial Association Liaison Council, offers the premium gift certificate “Ashiren Premium Shohinken.”

It is available from 9:30 on Sunday June 28, 2015.

<Venues & Availability>
Shiyakusho (City Office) Atrium: 4,000 books
Chubu Kominkan Hall: 4,000 books
Fukuzawa Community Center Hall: 2,000 books
Iwahara Kominkan Hall*: 2,000 books
*We kindly request you to refrain from coming to Iwahara Kominkan by driving. The parking space is only for motor cycles and bikes. We appreciate your understanding.

10,000 yen per book (Twelve 1,000yen-value gift certificates)
Maximum number of books per purchaser: 5

<Who can buy it?>
Anyone who is 16 years old or older and resides or works in Minamiashigara city.
Each purchaser must give his/her information such as name, current mailing address, and age. No gift certificate is available for anyone on proxy.

<Term of Validity>
From Sun. June 28, 2015 to Sat. October 31, 2015.

<About the Gift Certificate>
– 9 certificates are usable at any registered shops.
– 3 certificates are usable at registered shops that are the size of 500 square meters or smaller.
– The certificate is not usable for buying anything with liquidity such as other gift certificates and the like.
– Change is never provided when you use only the certificate.

Minami-ashigara City Commercial and Industry Association

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