Enjoy evening with fireflies!


Hi there!

In this weekend and next weekend, an event called “Hotaru-no-yube (evening with fireflies)” is scheduled to be held in “Hanasaku-satoyama” woodland in Daiyucho, Minamiashigara city!

It offers a variety of activities such as lecture on herb, BBQ in the woodland, Udon School, lecture on fireflies, etc. If you like, you can have boar and deer meat BBQ! It’s wild, isn’t it? I hope you enjoy the event all day! Don’t forget to book for the BBQ and Udon School!

And when it’s dark… fireflies will be flying with beautiful lights! Please come to the event with your family and friends! I hope you guys see as many fireflies as possible!

Sat. June 20 & Sun. June 21
Sat. June 27 & Sun. June 28

Hanasaku-satoyama (Dayucho, Minamiashigara city)

[10:00-13:00] Herb Koza (lecture on herb) & Satoyama BBQ
(Fee:3500yen/Booking Required)
[13:30-17:00] Satoyama Udon Kyoshitsu (udon school)
(Fee:1500yen/Booking Required)
[10:00-15:00] Satoyama Cafe
[17:30-18:15] Special Hotaru Koza (lecture on fireflies)
[18:30-20:00] Hotaru (firefly) Observation

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