“Yokai Watch” 2015 Izuhakone Railway Stamp Rally


Hi there!

Finally, school is out for summer!
Have you decided to do something fun? If not yet, I got great news for you!

Did you know that Izuhakone railway is now offering “Yokai Watch” 2015 Izuhakone Railway Stamp Rally? It’s from July 18 to September 23!

First, purchase the “Stamp Rally Free Ticket” and collect five stamps of “Yokai Watch” characters on it! And then, bring it to Daiyuzan station to get a prize! The prize is available for everyone brought the stamped ticket! The character stamps are located in Odawara sta., Sagaminumata sta., Wadagahara sta., and Daiyuzan sta. on Daiyuzan line, and “Douryou Sonbaiten” shop located on Daiyuzan Saijoji temple pilgrimage. Beside the stamps, there also are Yokai Watch character panels so that you can take photos with them! The stamp rally ticket is available at manned stations on Daiyuzan line!

In addition, there is a chance to see “Yokai Watch” decorated train on the line! There is only one set of decorated cars! I hope all of you can get on the train!