Kintaro Matsuri Info! “Soyo Daiko” Performance By Soyo High School Wadaiko Club!

Hi there! I’m Kintaro!

I got the latest info on Kintaro Matsuri!
Today I introduce you “Soyo Daiko,” Japanese drum performance by Soyo High School Wadaiko Club!

Soyo High School Wadaiko Club originally started as a small group called “Wadaiko Dokokai” in 1987, and then it was officially admitted as a club in 1990. Last year, the club proceeded to the quarterfinal of “Kyodo Geinou (literally stands for locally developed art)” section in the 38th National High School Cultural Festival held in Ibaraki! They also performed in the local event called “Ultra Genki-na-machi-zukuri” held in the end of May!

In Kintaro Matsuri, they will open the festival eve events! I promise that they add extra heat to the hot summer night! I hope you enjoy their performance in front of your eyes!

Click the link to see a list of their youtube videos! I bet the live show will be much greater than these cool videos!