“Kintaro Nebuta Parade” The Main Event of the Festival Eve!


Hi there! This is Kintaro again!

The next info for today is about “Kintaro Nebuta Parade”!

Kintaro Nebuta Parade is the main event of the Festival Eve! In addition to one of the biggest Nebuta statue in Kanto region “Ohgi Nebuta,” there will be “Nebuta Mikoshi” this year!

ねぶた2Along with live Ohayashi (traditional matsuri music) performed by Gadentsunashikai Odawara branch, the two striking Nebutas will parade on the street in front of Daiyuzan Station! Also, the parade will be accompanied with a group of people dance to “Kintaro Ondo” song. The Nebuta statues can only be seen in this parade! Don’t miss it!

There will be following traffic controls for the parade.
<18:00-19:00> Between Iizawa Intersection and Daiyubashi Intersection
<19:00-20:00> Between Iizawa Intersection and Ryufukuji Intersection
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.