Kintaro Matsuri Info! “Ohayashi” & “Kintaro Ondo”


Hi there! This is Kintaro!

Today I introduce you “Ohayashi” (traditional matsuri music) performed by Gadentsunashikai Odawara branch and the dance to “Kintaro Ondo” song performed by people from Minamiashigara city’s dance federation and women’s division of the chamber of commerce and industry. Placing the Ohgi Nebuta statue in the open space in front of Daiyuzan Station, these two performances end the Festival Eve!

The Ohayashi is played by many players one after another, featuring the powerful triplet rhythm! And then, the dancers surround the Ohgi Nebuta and dance to “Kintaro Ondo” as the final performance! If you wanna dance, you are of course welcome to join them! The dance patterns are very easy to copy! So, let’s dance together!


As the last thing, I have a favor to ask of all of participants and audience.
The festival is held in public area centering on the open space in front of Daiyuzan station; however, there are a lot of people living in the area. Please do not make a nuisance of residents, such as blocking residents’ entrances and leaving your garbage. I would appreciate your cooperation in advance! Let’s have fun together!