Kintaro Matsuri Program: Omizu-okuri


Hello, everyone!

From here on, I introduce programs of the Kintaro Matsuri on August 2, 2015!

The festival starts with a ritual called “Omizu-okuri.” Praying for everyone’s health and success of the festival, children of Myojin Club, a junior athletic club in Minamiashigara city, carry the water of “Yuhi-no-taki” waterfall located in Jizodo area of the city to the venue, running 14 kilometers!

The water is taken at the waterfall at noon, and then the children start carrying the water on the Prefectural Route 78. After having a break at the City Office, they run on the Prefectural Route 74 and will arrive at the venue at 2:30 PM!

If you are close to them, please cheer for them!



Oh, what is this letter written on black paper???
Well…. it is a notice? Notice from Black Kintaro Party???
Oh my gosh! They are evil! It says they are going to disturb the “Omizu-okuri” so that we can’t start the festival!!! They are even recruiting children to join them!!!

《For children want to join Black Kintaro Party (for fun!)》
Please come to Tsujishita Ground by 2PM on Aug. 2 in clothes that can get wet and bring a water gun with you!