【Event Information】13th Kenko Festa (Health Festival)


13th Kenko Festa (health festival) is scheduled to be held on Sunday, December 6 at Minamiashigara City Hoken Iryou Fukushi Center (48-1 Hiromachi, Minamiashigara). This event welcomes people of all ages.

Time: 10:00-13:30
Date: Sunday, December 6, 2015
Venue: Minamiashigara City Hoken Iryou Fukushi Center (48-1 Hiromachi, Minamiashigara)
Sponsor: Minamiashigara City

Health promotion must be supported by the whole community in addition to individual effort along with respective lifestyle and sense of value. Kenko Festa offers health promotion featuring respective function of schools, regional groups, enterprises, and governmental organizations in the community.


  • Health check and consulting services (health care consulting, dental consulting, pharmaceutical consulting, health expectancy measurement, etc.)
  • Physical exercises (physical strength test, care prevention exercise, walking lecture, etc.)
  • Foods: Tonjiru (free), puffed rice (free), Soba, Miso-oden, custard pudding, etc.
  • Shops (local foods, health products, etc.) and games (including struck-out)
  • Public awareness for wheelchair, breast cancer, pre-symptomatic state check, etc.

【Pictures from the 12th Kenko Festa】


Hand-wash check


Many food stands


Health care consulting service


Kintaroman & Yoishokun







http://www.city.minamiashigara.kanagawa.jp/kurashi/fukushi/genki/kenkou_festa.html (Official webpage in Japanese)