Asahi Breweries’ Golden Week Factory Tour in Minami-Ashigara!


Hi there!

Asahi Breweries’ Kanagawa factory offers a great factory tour for families! It is free of charge!

The tour contains a lot of fun quizzes! Learning the beer making processes, please answer the quizzes together with your family and collect stamps on your bingo card! There are some presents for bingo winners!

Also, fresh beer and soft drinks are offered for parents and children respectively.
(Note: Only soft drinks for adults came to the factory by operating any vehicle includes car, motorcycle, and bicycle.)

Parents must be 20 years old or older, and children must be elementary school students. Booking is required, and it is on a first-come-first-served basis. There also are some tourist spots in this area, such as Daiyuzan Saijoji Temple. Hope you enjoy!

Dates: Wed. April 29, Sat. May 2.-Wed. May 6. (rain or shine)
Fees: Free
Duration of the tour: Approx. 100 minutesアサヒビール工場2